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I wrote you a letter to let you know I’m still here,
but you don’t care.

You don’t care

you don’t care

I dried the liquid love from your eyes when we both cried

I tried,

I tried

You said we’ll never fix the ties we cut

I know we’ll never gain back broken trust

You drain my life

You claim you’re mine

That pain is fine

We speak between the lines

Buried inside a non-existent space in time

Where our souls held each other so tight we nearly died

Take in everything around you.
Every color, vivid or dull,
every smile line and teary eye,
the textures of a fallen leaf
or the reflection of the sky in a puddle.
Everything changes,
and people disappear.
So take it all in while it’s there.

From a few months ago, but ya know.. #sundies #suicidegirls

It got a little messy. #behindthescenes #suicidegirls

On set #suicidegirls #video

Being the whitest girl around. In other words, forgot about my Starbucks from earlier and just found it now. #kissme

Just gettin’ my weave did. Photo cred: @carlosjacome